Pest Control For Our Storage Units

Tri-Village Self Storage is dedicated to having clean and secure storage units. With this being said, we make sure that our residents have a pest-free storage unit as well. Our storage facility is treated once a month for pests and staff make sure that all facility rooms which include food areas, bathrooms and public areas are kept clean.

 Tips for Pest Prevention in a Storage Unit

Our staff cleans common areas within the storage facility but they are not able to enter individual storage units. Here is a list of tips on how to prevent bugs and rodents from entering your storage unit:

  • Do NOT store perishables in your storage unit. This is the top tip on the list, having food that could either go bad fast or having food in general is the best way to attract pests. Tri-Village Self Storage does not allow for perishables to be stored in storage units.
  • Get the right storage supplies to keep belongs safe and secure. Plastic and cardboard boxes are a great way to keep organized and belongs secure. Plastic is a preferred option since it is harder for pests to get into.
  • In addition to boxes, bubble wrap and plastic bags are a great way to prevent bugs from detecting what you have as well.
  • Visit your storage unit often. This reinsures that you know if your storage unit has been affected. This is also a good chance to clean your storage unit if you deem it necessary, it’s never a bad idea to sweep your storage unit every so often.

Tri-Village Self Storage Prevention

Tri-Village Self Storage is dedicated to keeping our storage facilities pest free. Our pest control for our storage units help us to prevent the bugs from coming in. Providing you with clean and affordable storage units is what we do best. Check out our storage facilities and see why we offer the best storage units around!

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