How Do Our Wine Storage Lockers Differ?

Wine connoisseurs rejoice! Tri-Village Self Storage offers one of the finest wine self-storage facilities around. Our wine storage options ensure that you wine, bourbon and whiskey are being kept at a consistent 52-57°F and 68-72% humidity. Our Downtown Columbus storage facility is perfect for all your wine storage and whiskey storage needs. Reserve a wine storage unit or wine storage locker today! Our wine club members can reserve our wine tasting room using our reservation calendar below.

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If you are not a current wine club member call us at (614) 610-9966 for more information and rental rates!

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Wine Storage in Columbus, OH

Wine is expensive - making protecting it from damage of the utmost importance. We understand your desire to protect the quality of your wine as it ages, which is why we offer various wine storage solutions at our Downtown facility in Columbus, OH. Most wine fanatics know that any wine that is not stored between 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit may age prematurely, affecting the flavor. A wine storage unit from Tri-Village Self Storage helps preserve the taste and quality of your wine by keeping temperature stable and minimizing light exposure.

The Benefits of Using a Wine Storage Unit and Locker

  • Ideal wine storage temperature: For the highest quality alcohol, we recommend storing your wine collection between at about 55°F and 68-72% humidity. At Tri Village, our wine storage units and wine storage lockers provide exactly that. Collectors can store anywhere from 40-400 cases at our wine storage facility.
  • Protection from UV rays: Exposure to sunlight, as well as incandescent and florescent light can damage your wine. White wine is the most susceptible to damage from sunlight, making it extremely important that it is stored in an unlit room. All Tri-Village wine storage options are located inside, giving your wine collection the utmost protection from damaging UV rays.
  • Security features on each unit: All wine storage options feature a door located inside the building, ensuring your collection is safe from harm. Tri Village’s climate controlled storage units have video recording surveillance and fingerprint security for added peace of mind.

At Tri-Village Self Storage, we strive to delight our customers by offering unique services like the wine tasting room and our wine storage solutions. Reserve your wine storage unit today!

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