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Sometimes, we need a little more space than life provides. Are you a homeowner looking to make renovations? Are you a renter, who recently downsized but is unable to get rid of belongings? Or are you a student, heading back home soon and in need of a place to store your college items? Tri-Village Self Storage has personal storage solutions for every situation.

Life throws many obstacles our way, and sometimes there is not enough space to make order from chaos. A personal storage unit from Tri-Village helps you restore order without breaking the bank. Not sure which personal storage solution is right for your situation? Check out our guide below:

Storage Solutions For Your Personal Needs

Personal Self StorageHousehold items take up more space that we realize. If you are a homeowner and considering self storage, your best bet is a medium to large storage unit. Choose between these size categories comes down to the situation.

Moving or Reorganizing?

If you and your family are moving, a large storage unit gives your items the space they need for the long term. Larger units remove the need to stack items on top of one another and risk damage. Please note, if you own a larger home, you may need to stack items. Always follow best practices to avoid damaging items during this process!

If you are reorganizing your home, odds are a small unit will take care of your needs. Reorganization often includes only a handful of rooms within the house. With this in mind, your storage unit can be a fraction of the size that you would need for a move.

If you are a homeowner, consider a personal storage unit from Tri-Village Self Storage. We can help you stay organized through whatever situation life throws your way. A storage unit is a smart way to get items that aren’t needed right now out of the way and into a safe, clean location.

Renters: Small to Medium Storage Units

young couple inside apartmentMany people are choosing to live in apartments or condominiums these days. These smaller living spaces offer a better location for day-to-day living. The drawback is that items from your old home will not fit in the new, smaller space. A storage unit is often the best choice for these renter-related situations.

Many tenants at Tri-Village Self Storage are renters, especially in our Downtown Columbus location. These customers enjoy the freedom to visit their storage unit for items as they need them. This is in contrast to keeping all their clutter at their apartment or condo. Some tenants even use our wine storage to make up for not having space for a wine cellar!

If you are renting an apartment or home but need a little extra space, consider utilizing a storage unit! Are you in a 5th floor rental apartment and are unable to get items up to your new unit? Or have you recently downsized homes and need some extra space to store your belongings? Tri-Village Self Storage has a personal self storage solution for you.

Student Storage Solution: Small Storage Units

student studying in dorm roomAre you sending your child to college soon? Odds are, their dorm room will not have room for a full wardrobe. Rather than risk not sending them with clothes for every season, consider self-storage.

A small storage unit can take care of all your storage needs. This is especially helpful for students on a budget. Find the space to keep all your child’s extra seasonal clothes or items without paying a fortune.

There’s never telling exactly what your college-aged student is going to need for school. Shop our clean, affordable small storage units from Tri-Village Self Storage today.

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