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The Top 7 Mistakes People Make When Packing a Storage Unit

Posted on: June 8, 2018 | Tri-Village Self Storage 2018-06-08

While there is no one right way to pack a storage unit, there are a few mistakes people often make that result in a loss of space, loss of time or damage occurring to their items. Before packing a storage unit, it can be helpful to know what not to do. Avoid making these common mistakes when packing a storage unit!

How to Pack a Storage Unit: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Use A Variety of Sizes of Boxes: Prevent yourself from having to play an impossible game of Tetris by limiting the amount of sizes of boxes you use. Generally, it is a good idea to only use two different sized boxes at maximum.
  2. Not Create an Aisle: Many people make the mistake of not creating an aisle in their storage unit. This mistake can be especially time consuming if your storage unit is large. Save yourself the time spent digging through your storage unit by creating a thin aisle leading to the back of your storage unit.
  3. Not Organize Your Storage Unit: Place the items you will want more often or are more important towards the front of your storage unit. This will save you from the hassle of having to spend time digging through your storage unit in search of the item.
  4. Not Label All Boxes: Save yourself a great deal of time by labeling all boxes with a list of their contents. You’ll thank yourself later. Additionally, if the box contains fragile items, make sure you label it that way.
  5. Leave Space in Boxes: Leaving room in boxes is not only a waste of space, it also can result in your boxes collapsing while in storage. Filling the boxes up all of the way will make them much more stable. However, it is important to not add too many heavy items. If the box already contains heavy items, top it off with lighter items.
  6. Not Use Pallets: Overtime, moisture can seep up from the floor of your storage unit and damage your items. Protect your items from the threat of moisture by placing them on top of pallets or a tarp.
  7. Store Wet Items: Storing wet items in your storage unit can result to you returning later to a mold or mildew infestation. Before placing items in your storage unit, make sure they are dry.

Tri-Village is Your Storage Expert

When you follow these tips, packing your storage unit will be a breeze. If you have any questions when you move into your storage unit, Tri-Village Self Storage has storage professionals on-site to assist you. Stop by one of our locations to learn more about a storage unit rental with Tri-Village Self Storage!

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