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College Roommate Tips: 5 Tips to Create Peace in Your Dorm

Posted on: August 7, 2018 | Tri-Village Self Storage 2018-08-07

The start of school is right around the corner! For college freshmen, the start of school can bring a mix of emotions. Finding classes, buying books, moving into a dorm… everything just seems so new! While moving in with a college roommate can bring comfort, it can also bring stress. Sharing a very small living area with someone else isn’t easy, and arguments are bound to happen. Avoid the stress by following these college roommate tips!

5 Tips for Getting Along with Your College Roommate

  1. Spend Time Getting to Know Your Roommate: During your freshman year, it isn’t uncommon to choose a random roommate. Before you know anyone else, your roommate will be your go-to confidant that’s experiencing all of the same changes you’re experiencing. Even if you don’t plan on being best friends with your roommate, it is still important that you spend time getting to know each other. The more you know about your roommate, the more you’ll understand them.
  2. Contribute Your Fair Share: Before moving in together, split the contributions down the middle. If your roommate is bringing the mini fridge, offer to bring the microwave. Communicating what items you intend to bring will not only help prevent duplicate items, it will also ensure both roommates are contributing equally.
  3. Make a Roommate Agreement: During your first few days together, make a roommate agreement detailing the rules and what is and isn’t allowed in your dorm. For example, what time you want the lights turned off at and if guests allowed in the dorm.
  4. Be Aware of Your Actions: Before leaving dishes stacked in your sink for an extended period of time, setting multiple alarms at 6:00 am and having guests over multiple days a week, consider how your actions could be impacting your roommate. Being aware of how your actions may affect your roommate will help create peace in your dorm.
  5. Respectfully Address Issues: No matter how aware and courteous you are, issues will more than likely arise. When discussing problems with your roommate, try to focus on the positive and keep a calm tone. Even if your message was meant to be respectful, a negative tone can say otherwise.

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