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How to Load a Moving Truck

Posted on: December 27, 2018 | Tri-Village Self Storage 2018-12-27

Are you renting a moving truck for your next move? A moving truck rental is a convenient way to get all of your items from one destination to the next. But did you know that there is a preferred method for packing a moving truck? Maximize your truck space and protect your items from damage by following these tips for loading a moving truck!

5 Tips for Loading a Moving Truck

  1. Consider the layout of your truck: Before loading items into your moving truck, take a second to plan out where you want your items to go.
  2. Pack large items first: Large items like dressers, mattresses, bed springs, couches and a kitchen table should be loaded into the moving truck first. Placing large items in the moving truck first allows you to put smaller items around these items. In order to prevent scratches from occurring during transportation, always cover these items with moving blankets. Use moving straps to keep your belongings from shifting during the move.
  3. Pack heavy boxes next: Next, pack heavy boxes. For example, boxes that contain books, canned goods or any other dense items should go in the moving truck next. Packing heavy boxes next allows you to store lighter items on top.
  4. Load items backwards to how you’ll need them: Besides the large bulky furniture in the back, the items in your truck should be loaded backwards in order of how you’ll need them. For example, items you’ll want as soon as you get to your new destination should be loaded in the moving truck last. This way, when you open your door to unload your moving truck, you’ll be able to pull out those items first. Items you may want to get out of the moving truck first include tools, financial statements and prescription medicine.
  5. Use fluffy items as a barrier: If you are moving pillows, blankets or any other large fluffy items, save them to be used as a barrier between large items. Placing a pillow or blanket between your dresser or couch can help to prevent your furniture from getting scratched.

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