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7 Tips for Moving a Washer and Dryer

Posted on: March 9, 2018 | Tri-Village Self Storage 2018-03-09

You won’t move your washer and dryer often, but when you do it is important to get it done properly. Mishandling a washer and dryer can result in injury to you or damage to the appliances. Before moving your washer and dryer, read these tips!

How to Move a Washer and Dryer

  1. Clean the Washer: A buildup of detergent inside of the washing machine is not good for it in the long-term. To clear out any built-up detergent, run a solution of water and vinegar through the washing machine.
  2. Remove the Lint Trap: Remove the lint trap and any other removable pieces from both the washer and dryer.
  3. Shut off the Water Valves: The water valves are usually located behind the washer and dryer. Shut the hot and cold-water supply valves off turning the handles clockwise. Disconnect the water supply hoses and store them inside of the washer and dryer.
  4. Turn off the Gas Line: If you are not experienced with handling the gas line, consult a professional. Once the gas line has been turned off, disconnect the hose from the wall.
  5. Allow the Washer and Dryer Time to Dry: Let washer and dryer have time to thoroughly dry. Leave the door of both appliances open to allow air to circulate through the machines.
  6. Wrap the Washer and Dryer in a Protective Cover: Wrap the washer and dryer inside of a heavy protective material. This will help to protect the machines from getting damaged during the move.
  7. Load the Appliances onto a Dolly: In order to prevent injury or damage from occurring to your washer and dryer, use a dolly to move the machines.

Storing a Washer and Dryer

If you are in the process of moving your washer and dryer, you may also be looking to store them. Try out these washer and dryer storage tips!

  1. Keep the Washer and Dryer Covered While in Storage: Use a light blanket or sheet to cover the washer and dryer. This will protect it from dust or dirt settling on it during storage.
  2. Open the Doors: Store the washer and dryer with the doors open. If moisture gets trapped inside of the washer or dryer, it can result in the formation of rust, mold or mildew. Keeping the doors of the appliances open will help to promote good air flow.

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