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How to Organize a Kitchen in 7 Easy Steps

Posted on: November 22, 2018 | Tri-Village Self Storage 2018-11-22

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where late-night snacks occur, meals are prepared for the family and guests gather for dinner. Unfortunately, due to its use, it’s very easy to let the kitchen become disorganized and too cluttered. If you’re looking to get your kitchen organized for good, try out these 7 steps for organizing your kitchen!

7 Kitchen Organization Hacks for a More Organized Space

  • Step 1: Sort through your items- More than likely, you have a lot of items that are duplicate or that you haven’t used in a few years. Sort through your items and remove any kitchen utensils, dishes, pots or pans you no longer use. This will give you a good idea of what items you’re working with.
  • Step 2: Part with unneeded items- It’s important to get any unneeded items out of your home. Place these items into boxes labeled “donate”, “throw-out” and “sell”.
  • Step 3: Clean- Now that you have less items in your kitchen, it will be much easier to thoroughly clean it. Scrub the countertops, inside of the drawers, cupboards and pantry. This will help you get off to a clean start.
  • Step 4: Decide on a plan-The last thing you want to do when organizing your kitchen is to start in the middle of the mess without a plan. More than likely, this is how your kitchen got disorganized in the first place. Decide where you want to store your cookie sheets, juicer and any other odds and ends in your kitchen.
  • Step 5: Get supplies- After you decide how you want your kitchen to be laid out, get supplies to make that happen. You can easily find kitchen organization shelves and drawer dividers online or at a home goods store.
  • Step 6: Look high and low for storage space- If you are lacking storage space, look in your cupboards above the fridge and drawers close to the ground. These areas are not as commonly utilized because they can be difficult to get to, but they make a great storage space for items you use less often.
  • Step 7: Change your cleaning and organization routine- It’s important to consider the small habits that led your kitchen to its current state. Plan to straighten up and organize your kitchen for 30 minutes once a week. Once a month, you should do a more thorough cleaning and organization. Changing your habits can help to prevent your kitchen from getting messy again.

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