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How to Store a Motorcycle for Winter

Posted on: September 13, 2018 | Tri-Village Self Storage 2018-09-13

Your motorcycle has taken you on countless rides over the past few months. From zipping through the city, to running countless errands, to long night rides, your motorcycle has seen it all. Now, at the end of motorcycle season, it is important that you properly prepare your bike for storage. Check out these 7 motorcycle storage tips!

7 Motorcycle Winter Storage Tips

  • Check the Manufacturer Approved Instructions: While there are plenty of things you shouldn’t do to your motorcycle, there’s no one right way to care for it. Different brands of motorcycles will require different care, and it never hurts to check and make sure your motorcycle has received proper care.
  • Siphon Gas Out of Motorcycle: Leaving gas in your motorcycle can result in your carburetor getting mucked up. Siphon the gas out of your tank before storage. The siphoned gas can be used to go back into your snow blower or vehicle.
  • Tend to the Battery: There are two options for storing the motorcycle battery: in the motorcycle or on a trickle charger. If you choose to keep the battery in the bicycle, charge the battery once a month to maintain your clock and radio presets. Removing the battery and storing it on a trickle charger will help keep the battery charge all winter long.
  • Prevent Corrosion: Before storing your bicycle, give it a good wash. Once washed, allow the bike enough time to dry then wax the exhaust pipes using WD-40. This will help to keep your bike rust free.
  • Alleviate Weight on the Tires: Storing your bicycle all winter long without rotating the tires can result in flat spots forming. Flat spots can be prevented by removing the tires of the bicycle. If this is not possible for your setup, inflate the tires as high as they can go. At least once a week, rotate the tires of the bicycle to prevent flat spots.
  • Stuff the Exhaust Pipes: Critters are always looking for a new place to make home. Stuff your exhaust pipes with plastic bags or clean rags or towels. This will prevent vermin from crawling in and making a nest out of your exhaust pipe.
  • Use a Climate Controlled Storage Unit: Fluctuations in temperature can cause rust to form on your bike. Unfortunately, your garage is prone to fluctuations in temperature and is not the best winter storage spot for your bicycle. A climate controlled storage unit will maintain a steady range of temperature and is a better long-term storage solution.

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