A college graduate smiles with her parents on graduation day before she moves back home after college

The Pros and Cons of Moving Back Home After College

Posted on: April 19, 2018 | Tri-Village Self Storage 2018-04-19

College. You live some of the best, most free years of your life before earning a degree, getting a job and even moving back to the home nest. The choice of whether to move home after college isn’t an easy one, but increasingly in recent years, more students are making the choice to move home. In this post, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of moving home after college.

The Cons of Living at Home After College

  1. Loss of Independence: You moved miles and miles away from home to get a taste of freedom. Four years later, it can feel defeating to return back to your hometown to live with your parents. And, moving back home means you’ll have to deal with the dreaded questions you thought you escaped after high school: “Where are you going?”, “When will you be home?”, “Did you really sleep until 1:00 PM today?”.
  2. Falling into a Rut: The transition from an active social life in your college town to living with your parents in your hometown isn’t easy. With this transition comes the risk of you falling into a living-at-home rut and depending on your parents again. For example, you may get used to living rent free and having your parents cook for you and support you in whatever way you need. As amazing as this might sound, you’ll trade in some of your independence for the comfort of living at home again.

The Pros of Moving Home After College

  1. Saving Money: Arguably one of the biggest benefits of moving home is saving money. Cash can be tight after college. And even if you do have a real job lined up, the ever-present guilt of knowing you have to save for your future can be deafening. Moving home means you don’t have to worry about paying rent, utilities, laundry and food.
  2. Parental Support: While parents can offer a little too much support sometimes, there’s peace of mind in knowing that they’re there to help you. And at a time where it feels like everything is changing and you’re stressed about your future and finding a job, there’s no place like home.

Self Storage Makes Moving Home After College Easier

Look, the choice of whether to move home or not is yours. And the months or years spent living with your parents is nothing to be ashamed of. If you have decided that the best solution for you is to move home, you may be faced with the problem of finding a place to put all of your items that you somehow amassed during college. A lot of things can change in four years, and unfortunately, if your parents decided to take advantage of your absence and turn your old room into a makeshift library, movie theater or personal gym, storage can be a problem. After adding your bed back into the room, you may be very crunched for storage space.

Avoid cramming items into limited space and cramping your parents style by renting a storage unit. At Tri-Village Self Storage, we offer month-to-month self storage unit rentals, perfect for short-term storage. Whether you need a 5×5 storage unit for a few personal items, or a 5×10 or 10×10 storage unit for the contents of your apartment, Tri-Village Self Storage has a solution for you. We have storage facilities near Downtown Columbus, Upper Arlington and Grandview Heights. Rent a self storage unit today!

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