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How to Store a TV in a Storage Unit

Posted on: October 12, 2018 | Tri-Village Self Storage 2018-10-12

There’s nothing like spending the day watching Ohio State or your favorite team play on your flat screen TV. Televisions have gotten increasingly high-tech, with smart TVs taking over. And while in the past most people waited until their old TV died before they purchased a new one, this isn’t necessarily the case anymore.

Oftentimes, when someone upgrades their TV, but still has a functioning older television, they’ll save it temporarily and either sell or give it to a younger high school or college aged kid in the family. In order to do so, it’s important to properly store your TV. Try out these 6 tips for storing a TV in a storage unit

6 Tips for Storing a TV in a Storage Unit

  • Clean the television: If you’ve been with us for a while, you know how important it is to never store a dirty item. This also goes for storing a TV. Before cleaning your TV, check the manufacturer approved instructions. The method you should use to clean your TV is going to vary with the model. Different brands of TVs will have different protective coatings and it’s important you use a method that is safe for your TV. If you are using a spray cleaner to clean your TV, always spray the cleaner onto a cloth and never directly on your TV.
  • Dust the cables: Wipe down the cables with a soft cloth to remove any dust that may have settled. Place the cables inside of a large box for storage.
  • Use the television box: When storing a TV, it’s always best to use the box the television came in. Do you no longer have the original box your TV came in? No worries! Tri-Village Self Storage sells TV storage boxes at our storage facilities!
  • Store the TV standing up: Never lay a television down in storage. This is very important because if the TV is stored on its screen or back it can damage the internal parts.
  • Label the box: Always label the outside of the TV box. This will help you to find your TV easier and prevent you from losing it in your storage unit.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures and moisture: The location you choose to store your TV is going to directly impact how the TV looks after storage. It’s never a good idea to store your television in your garage or basement because these areas are prone to moisture and fluctuations in temperature. Instead, consider using a climate controlled storage unit to store your TV. A climate controlled storage unit will maintain a temperature safe for storing a delicate item like a TV.

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