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Ohio 10% Off Half Wine Case Law

Posted on: December 19, 2017 | Tri-Village Self Storage 2017-12-19

Wine lovers have something to cheer about this year. A new law allows retailers to offer a 10 percent discount on the sale of half of a case of wine. This new law has many wine-connoisseurs very excited and has the potential to save you a great deal of money.

What is the 10% Off Half Wine Case Law?

This law is different from past laws because it gives retailers the right to determine what quantity qualifies as a case as long as it falls between 6 to 12 bottles. Previously, in order to get a discount, the case had to be the standard 12 bottles. The law also requires that the retailer is consistent across wholesale and retail sales channels. Many retailers are cheering for this new law, saying it’s an easy way for their customers to get good wine for a decent price, while other retailers are not as thrilled.

The Wildfires in California and the 10% Off Half Wine Case Law

Unfortunately, now may be a good time to start stocking up on wine. The wild fires in California have burnt down some treasured wineries, resulting in a shortage of many kinds of wine. This means that many wine connoisseurs have started stocking up on their favorite kinds of wine to ensure their supply doesn’t run dry.

Tri-Village Self Storage Has Wine Storage Solutions for You

Anyone who is serious about their wine knows that there is an ideal range of temperatures to store your wine at. Due to their need to be stored in a dark location, homeowners often resort to storing their wine bottles in the basement. The basement is not an ideal location for wine storage though, as basements can be prone to fluctuations in temperature. Instead of storing your wine collection in an unideal location like a basement, consider storing it in a self storage unit. Tri-Village Self Storage has storage units specifically designed for the storage of wine. The wine storage units are secure, insulated and will maintain a temperature between 45-65 degrees, perfect for the storage of your wine.

You invested in your wine collection. Don’t you want a wine storage solution that will protect your investment?

Check Out the Wine Tasting Room at Tri-Village

Did you know that Tri-Village Self Storage also has a luxurious wine tasting room at the downtown Columbus location? With televisions lining the wall and comfy couches, chairs and various sized tables, we are confident the Tri-Village wine tasting room will be your favorite afternoon getaway location. All wine storage unit renters are also invited to book the wine tasting room for free. Our wine storage units vary from the 2.4X2.4 storage unit option which holds 8 cases, to the 10X4 storage unit option which holds 190 cases. Contact us today to book the wine tasting room!

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